About Desert DAWN

Hiking the Escalante River with Classic Trail Camping Gear.

Hiking the Escalante River with woodcraft gear for trail travel.

Desert Dawn is committed to teaching skills that are closely in balance with the ways of nature.  Our courses focus on bringing life back to a smaller scale, allowing us to directly see the impact of our actions and cultivating a sense of ownership for these actions.

Desert DAWN teaches in a way that guides students to discover the ways of nature through direct participation using just a few basic technologies.   Our students come to know and understand nature; they learn of the many aways in which nature can provide for our comfort; and they become empowered to do more with less in nature.   Our goal is to teach skills that allow you to be at home in nature instead of being merely a visitor in nature.

Canvas has long been used to create a home away from home.

Canvas has long been used to create a home away from home.

The technologies we use resemble those of the classic woodcraft camping era, the early 1900’s.  Our woodcraft camping program is about enjoying and exploring nature.   At base camps we use canvas tents and cook over open fires using dutch ovens.  When camping on the trail we replace a backpack laden with gear with a some basic gear, woodcraft skills and a head full of knowledge about nature.  Woodcraft camping courses are available in two formats: traveling courses known as Trail Crafter Courses; and base camp courses known as Camp Crafter Courses.

Learn more… “What is Woodcraft Camping?

Our staff love woodcraft camping and nature awareness.  This is why we chose them to lead you on courses and day hikes.   Read our Staff Stories.

Come home to nature, it welcomes you.

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