One aspect of Desert Dawn’s vision is that nature will be approachable for everyone.   This vision requires a network of organizations committed to a similar vision.  You will find on this Resource page information relating to courses excursions and workshops and regarding the plants and animals in our area, nature awareness or classic trail camping, which was either prepared by us or we found to be interesting and useful.  You will also find information regarding other people, businesses and organizations that we have worked with, which may be helpful to you in following your passions.  Several of these pages are in the process of being written, please bear with us.

Field Cooking Recipes

The students of the animal processing workshop frequently crave to have the recipes for the dishes prepared in the workshop.  These recipes are for groups of 12 – 15 people.  Please enjoy.

Visiting the Boulder Area

These links are provided to information on driving directions to Boulder, Utahlodging, restaurants, and serviceshiking ideas and weather in the Boulder area.

Student Resources

This section is reserved to provide information to registered students for Desert DAWN courses.  Registered students are provided an access code relevant to their particular course.


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