It may be hard to decide who to use as an instructor or guide.  Here is what others say about Desert DAWN and its chief instructor, Jeff Sanders.

Backcountry Excursions and Courses

Ilana S., California.  Looking into the endless mystical scenery, I felt a very strong pull.  But my mind said no, it had no trails, no maps, no water and I have no experience.  However the pull was so powerful that I started looking for a way.  Then I found Jeff.  An amazing guide who took me straight into the mystery.  He showed me how to be in this landscape with minimal provisions and amazing skills.  He will take you to places beyond the horizons of your mind where you will find quiet splendor and cozy joy.

Marc B., California.  I and my two son’s were treated to an amazing adventure with Jeff in the Escalante wilderness. When I called Jeff about wanting something more than an excursion I never dreamed we could experience so much, learn so much or appreciate so much on a what one would think of as a simple backpacking trip. It will always be a time we will never forget. Thank you Jeff for everything you shared and for sharing yourself most of all.
I hope we cross paths again, Marc

John D., England.  I have known Jeff for several years, and was initially a student of his, I then worked for him and finally with him at Boulder Outdoor Survival School.  Read more….

Ky F., California.  I wanted to thank you again so much for the course. It was absolutely perfect for me in every way.  I learnt so much from you and thoroughly enjoyed every bit.  I believe that the type of course you gave me is the type of course that you need to be providing the world with now and you have the perfect skill set to make a difference in the idea of “survival.”

Good luck with everything and thanks again.  Changed my life.

Susan M., Massachusetts.   I am slowly acclimating back to a faster, louder life on the East Coast and processing my amazing experience with you. But, I have already taken hiking friends into the woods and showed them a few things that I learned from you!

This trip went beyond my wildest dreams.  I have confidence and knowledge that will enable me to continue exploring nature on my own.

Stephane B., Montreal.  Going into this, I knew I was in good hands.  And the trip proved it. I would not hesitate to recommend you.



Seth M., Oregon.  Jeff’s teaching style is accessible and his knowledge on the subject is vast.  His openness and passion for passing along these skills is a rare gift in today’s world.  I would recommend anyone to consider Jeff’s class if they are looking to gain theses skills and the confidence to use them.

Day Trips

Ernst T., Missouri.  My wife and I celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary in Boulder, Utah, and were treated to two days of breath-taking hiking trips during which Jeff led us to places we never imagined going to by ourselves. His expertise and knowledge of the area were simply amazing. Not only did we leave with a new appreciation of the beauty of the area, we left having gained a new friend. Thank you for an exceptional time with you! Until we meet again!

Stephanie R., Ohio.   Thank you again for such a wonderful day! Your expertise was much appreciated and needed! It was the perfect way to begin our time in beautiful Escalante.

Paul T., Colorado.  We had a great time with you in the Red Breaks in December.  That is a special place and we really appreciate your time to guide us there.   The weathering pit was really, really cool and we never would see something like that but for you.  You have inspired us to return to Boulder and the Escalante River in the future.  We will look you up when we are out that way again.  Thanks again.