John D., England 2012

I have known Jeff for several years, and was initially a student of his, I then worked for him and finally with him at Boulder Outdoor Survival School. Jeff had the thankless task of being the Field Director/Head Instructor, and he had the difficult job of trying to organize students, apprentices and staff for their courses that could last up to 28 days in the Utah desert/mountains.

Whilst I was on the apprentice programme Jeff would give us creative tasks and teaching practices, setting us difficult but achievable goals and inspire us to learn with great enthusiasm for the subject. Having been an instructor in the forces, I found Jeff’s teaching methods far superior to that of some of the other instructors on the programme at the time, due to his more structured approach (My Opinion).

As an Instructor whilst working for Jeff, it was reassuring to have Jeff help you prepare for courses, as he would ensure every route was meticulously planned, documented and logged in the course file, he’d methodically check your safety plans, first aid and trauma kits, rigorously question your every step of planning, as you can’t gamble with peoples lives and his approach ensured good practices.

But my most memorable times were working with Jeff, as a co instructor on courses, his sheer enthusiasm is exhausting, and his understanding / experience of the subject is inspiring, the students on those courses learned from one of the BOSS greats.

BOSS will lose a great instructor, inspirational leader and an all round good guy when Jeff leaves to start his own nature awareness school.

I would readily recommend Jeff and would be honoured to work with him again in the future, and I wish him the very best of luck on his new venture Desert DAWN.

John D., England  2012