Who Camps with Desert DAWN

Throughout history,  humans have sought personal inner sanctum within nature.  One of the primary reasons people come to Desert DAWN is to reach their own inner sanctum, which offers the opportunity to cleanse the mind, body and soul.  For those who yearn for a break from the trappings of our society, we provide space.  For those who want to connect deeply with family or friends, we provide space.  For those who want to create bonds with their children, we provide space.  Space to explore, space to discuss, space to be.

An woman from the Silicon Valley who wants to quiet her mind, from the mental clutter of the high tech world.

A groom with his best man who wants to calm his soul, in order to be completely present on his wedding day.

A father who wants to create a bond with his son, a bond that will help them navigate the challenges of a young boy becoming a man.

A mother who wants her children to experience true nature for the first time.

Desert DAWN Excursions are…

Desert DAWN Excursions are an exploration of nature and the many benefits nature provides for our personal care – physically, mentally and spiritually.  Desert DAWN Excursions are not “guru” driven new age experiences.   Desert DAWN Excursions are not ex-marine drill sergeant driven “survival” experiences.  Desert Dawn Excursions are nature experiences pure and simple.  Whatever your reason for spending time in the beautiful solitude of nature we will create the experience for you.