Excursion Reservations

Thank you for your interest in a Desert DAWN Excursion.  To arrange your Excursion please call us at 435-335-7710 or email us using the from below.

Excursion Dates

Excursions may be scheduled from Early March through late October.  We prefer to have at least two weeks lead time to prepare for an excursion.  If at all possible, please plan for this when selecting dates for your Excursion.

Excursion Rates

Excursion rates include instructors and guides, food rations, and  Wood Craft style camping gear, which includes group gear and some personal camping gear.  A gear list is provided and we will gladly help you locate personal gear items that you may need to bring yet may not own.

We are also comfortable using modern backpacking gear.  The personal gear for modern backpacking style excursions is not included in the price of the trip.  If you prefer modern backpacking gear, please call for more information.


Backpacking the Escalante River

The canyon walls of the Escalante River create a marvelous backdrop for our travels.

Multi-day Excursions

Multi-day Excursion Rates for three  or more days are $150/person/day with a minimum fee of $450 per day.  (Need financial assistance, see below)

Overnight Excursions

Overnight  Excursion rates for two days and one night are $190/person/trip with a minimum fee of $760.


Large Groups

We can accommodate Multi-day or Overnight Excursions with groups as large as twelve campers.  Two guides will be scheduled for groups with six or more participants.    Please contact us regarding rates and arrangements for large group excursions.

How to Reserve Your Excursion

Our excursions are personalized to your interests and needs.  For this reason, we always talk over the phone when planning your trip.   Please call us at 435-335-7710 to start the plans for your excursion into the Escalante Canyon Country or onto Boulder Mountain.

Financial Assistance

Setting rates for excursions is quite a challenge.  Affordability is an important aspect, affordability for the participant and affordability for us.  Personalized experiences are much more costly to operate than experiences that are organized by tour operators, who provided a menu of standardized tours without any flexibility.

Our mission speaks of making experiences in nature available to everyone.    We attempt to price our services on the low side so that it is as affordable as possible, while still being possible to provide the service.  If, however, our rates are still not within your budget, please call anyways.  We will explore other options, such as coordinating an open enrollment course on which several individual participants with similar excursion interests may come together, thus being able to only require a per person rate without the necessity of a minimum per day rate.

Email Contact

You may also email us using the form below.

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