Family Excursions

Spending time in nature with our children, priceless!

Spending time in nature with our children, priceless!

Our Family Excursions are designed to give you quality family time.   The television is replaced with a camp fire;  computer activity is replaced with camp activities; and the telephone is replaced with face to face conversations.  Days at camp or on the trail provide opportunities to work and play together.  Evenings around the campfire provide opportunities for family meals and conversations. Family Excursions provide opportunities for families to grow together and create memories together.

Getting the family out the door for a vacation is hard enough.  We take care of the planning and local preparations in order that once you are on your family vacation you will be able to relax together and focus on what is important, the family.

Family Excursion Formats

Family excursions are available in three formats: base camp, trail travel, or a base camp/trail travel combination.   We will discuss with you the interests and abilities of the family members and then we will customize an experience that blends the variety of interests and abilities that often exist within a family.

Base camp style excursions are typically oriented towards families with younger children who may not be developed enough to carry a load while backpacking.  Base camps allow us to care for the needs of the younger children and allow everyone to share time together exploring nature in a more comfortable environment.

Trail travel excursions are oriented towards families with older children.  This excursion format allows for exciting explorations of this vast land and provides appropriate challenges through which family members are able to work together and ultimately grow together.

The base camp/trail travel format is well suited towards families that are ready to stretch their wings on the trail but may still want some of the amenities a base camp provides.  This format starts with a base camp, at which skills for trail travel are learned and then we put these skills to the test in a short trail travel experience.


Let’s Hike, Camp, Explore, and Discover!

Information on dates, rates and reservations is available on our Excursion Reservations page.