Day Tours


Day Hikes  


Explore the marvels of the canyons and mountains by day and enjoy the distinctive hospitality of Boulder, Utah by night.

Chose from Riparian Canyon Hikes, Slickrock Hikes, Rim-to-River Hikes, Slot Canyon Hikes or Boulder Mountain Hikes.  Read Some More!


Driving Tours  


Experience the wonders of the Escalante Canyons from the comfort of a Sport Utility Vehicle that may be driven to within a short walk of amazing tucked away locations. Read Some More!


Campfire Experiences


Campfire Experiences

Relish a cowboy style dinner by the campfire, cooked traditionally in Dutch Ovens.  Enjoy old-time entertainment with traditional games and campfire entertainment.  Combine a Day Tour or a Day Camp with a Campfire Experience for a truly spectacular day.  Read S’More, Yum!


Traditional Backcountry Skills Experiences


Explore a few of the skills used by the 19th century Wilderness Pathfinders; they may come in handy on your next camping trip.  Excitement and Discovery for the entire family. Read Some More!