Day Hikes

The canyons and desert in the GrandStaircase-Escalante National Monument and the forests on Boulder Mountain in the Dixie National Forest offer some truly spectacular hiking. Within the canyons, the desert and on the mountain we have a multitude of quiet spots that we love to visit and share with our guests.

The wind and rain working on the high desert have produced gigantic slickrock bowls, with hidden potholes of water, and gorged out deep canyons creating lush riparian zones of the Escalante River.


Slot Canyon Hikes



Slot Canyon Hikes – Slot Canyon Heaven/The Big Boy/Candyland/Zebra and Tunnel, the Rest of the Story/Copper Tone/Peek-a-boo and Spooky, the Rest of the Story/The Cheese Grater


Slickrock Hikes



Slickrock Hikes – Knife’s Edge/Bees Knees/Cow Trail Mystery/The BOSS/Hoodoo Island/The Oldest Trail/The Mixed Bag/Peregrine Loop/Tip of the Iceberg/Ye Ol’ Swimmin’ Hole/Pioneer Dugway/Ponderosa Canyon/Sands of Time/Devil’s Garden

Desert Hikes (not necessarily Slickrock hikes but definitely away from the water) –        The Water Stairway/Chinle Colors/ Log Hopper/Rancher’s Picnic Grounds/The Teamster/The Great Divide/The Rolling Stones/The Sand Slide/Rim Walker/Sand Dune Alley


Riparian Canyon Hikes



Riparian Canyon Hikes – The Easy Way/The Elks’ Way/Ancient Passageway/Home Run/Water Under the Bridge/Tropical Desert Forest/Lower Calf Creek Falls, the Rest of the Story/The Echo Spot/ The Refresher/Rock Art Journey/The Bench/Top to Bottom/The Oasis/Cleaved Slickrock/The Drink/Father Escalante


Rim-to-River Hikes



Rim-to River Hikes – The Cut Off/Cowboy Steps to Water/The Butter Churn/The Signpost/Hands of Time/Above the Rest/You Call This a Road?

Mixed Bag Hikes (plenty of Rim-to River with a whole bunch more!!) – The Crossroads/Dog Gone It/Old Sandy/Everything and the Kitchen Sink/The Ramp/Top of the World


Boulder Mountain Hikes



Boulder Mountain Hikes – Boulder Mountain has infinite possibilities for hikes.  


Discovered Places Hikes,


The Escalante Canyons have definitely been discovered.   We still enjoy these popular locations, by knowing the off-peak times and the nearby features that are rarely visited, which we call “The Rest of the Story“.  Whether you are interested in the popular locations or the tucked away gems, Desert DAWN guides can help you find the most enjoyment from any location within the Escalante Canyons.

The Rest of the Story Hikes – Lower Calf Creek Falls/Upper Calf Creek Falls/ Escalante Natural Arch/Peek-a-boo and Spooky/Zebra and Tunnel/Devils Garden


Which hike to choose?


We feel that part of our role as your guide is to match you and your group to the hike based on our decades of experience on this land and our knowledge of the hundreds of hikes that we have available.  Let us know your ability level, the Hike Category that interest you – Slot Canyons, Slickrock, Rim to River, Riparian Canyon, Boulder Mountain or any of the Popular Hikes of the area and we will arrange an appropriate hike based on the weather patterns we can expect when you visit (some locations are simply not safe for hiking under certain weather conditions).  Whenever possible, we prefer to meet you the night before and discuss hike options and refine the plan for the hike.  Frequently there are a few hikes that will meet your criteria and we will discuss the benefits and challenges of each before choosing a hike.


Hiking Experiences with a Local


I live locally in Boulder, Utah.  Twenty plus years of exploration of the canyon system of the Escalante River and of the high mountain plateau of Boulder Mountain have allowed me to discover the serene places that are away from the crowds.

Much of the richness of an experience comes from the backstories of the area, from the current happenings to pioneer history to evidence of ancestral cultures to the abundance of natural history in the area.  I enjoy sharing not only know the common stories but also the obscure stories of the areas long span of inhabitants that provide a deeper understanding of the intricacies of past and present cultures.  I have a fond appreciation for the gifts that nature provides, thus I know the plants from the perspective of the many uses they offer that are critical for survival on this challenging landscape.  It is also exciting to know of the animals that walk the land and the identifying signs that show their passage, for most animals are tucked away during the day.

The Escalante Canyons and Boulder mountain have been my Home Range for over two decades and I enjoy sharing the beauty and mystery of this spectacular landscape.



Planning Your Adventure


I believe that the planning of an adventure is part of the fun of the adventure. I enjoy helping folks put together the pieces of their journey to the Escalante Canyons, whether planning a hike with me or trying to determine good restaurants and lodging in the area. I look forward to talking with you.


This Year,

Let’s Get Some

Southern Utah

Canyon Country Time!


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