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Which hike to choose?


I feel that part of my role as your guide is to match you and your group to the hike based on my decades of experience on this land and my knowledge of the hundreds of hikes that are available.  Let me know your ability level, the Hike Category that interest you – Slot Canyons, Slickrock, Rim to River, Riparian Canyon, Boulder Mountain or any of the Popular Hikes of the area and I will arrange an appropriate hike based on the weather patterns we can expect when you visit (some locations are simply not safe for hiking under certain weather conditions).  Whenever possible, I prefer to meet you the night before and discuss hike options and refine the plan for the hike.  Frequently there are a few hikes that will meet your criteria and we will discuss the benefits and challenges of each before choosing a hike.


Dates and Rates


Dates.  Day hikes are available throughout the year. Most visitors come to our area in the spring, summer and the fall, though winter hiking can be pretty amazing.  Learn more about the Four Seasons of Hiking Near Boulder, Utah.

Rates.  The day tour rates are based on the length of the tour and the difficulty of the tour (more challenging routes may necessitate an additional guide), with shorter tours starting at $385 per tour, the longer tours start at $585 per tour and the more challenging hiking tours start at $685 per day.  The base rate for tours covers up to four participants.  The tour rate includes local taxes (8.10%).  

Large Groups.  I can accommodate hikes with large groups.  The group size limit for most areas within the region of the Escalante River is 12 people, however some areas within the Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument and the Dixie National Forest (Boulder Mountain) allow significantly larger groups.  Group rates are available for groups larger than four hikers.  Please contact us regarding these hiking opportunities.


Reserve Your Hike Dates


Reserving a hike date is easy.  Please provide a name, email, phone number and the dates you wish to hike.  I will respond, typically within 48 hours, to confirm the date and discuss the category of hike that you would enjoy.   April through October are the busiest months, so advance planning will help in accommodating your request for hiking dates.

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