Multi-Day Backcountry Adventures

Enjoy a unique adventure with family, friends or colleagues and discover the wonders of the Escalante River’s riparian canyons and the surrounding slickrock desert or marvel at the grand views from Boulder Mountain’s forest.   Desert DAWN is based  in Boulder, Utah, which is nestled between the Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument and Boulder Mountain.  We are just footsteps from both of these amazing landscapes.

Overnight to 14 Day Trips

Family Adventures

On the Trail Adventures

Basecamp Adventures


Dream Your Adventure

and Live the Dream



Your adventure is tailored to the interest, pace and time frame of the participants.  Your adventure is not a run of the mill, white van, pre-planed, stick to an agenda, organized adventure travel trip, it is your personalized trip.

Whether your dream involves hiking to the scenic wonders of the area, photographing the magnificent display of sun on multi-colored slickrock, slowly scanning the canyon walls for hard-to-find rock art, discovering the geology of the spectacular canyons of the area, or receiving one-on-one instruction in the methods of traditional woodcraft camping, the journey is your’s and the destination is located in your mind, body and soul.

You dream the adventure and

I will help you live your dream!


Experienced, Knowledgable & Local


Jeff lives locally in Boulder, Utah and has decades of experience hiking, backpacking, guiding and teaching on the lands surrounding Boulder.  With this much time focused on the canyons of the Escalante River or the forest of Boulder Mountain, he knows the moods, intricacies and challenges of this landscape and how to navigate all of its complexities.  

Explore the unfound places with more quiet enjoyment!


On the Trail Adventures



How personalized can your adventure be if you are tied to someone else’s agenda? A Desert DAWN Multi-day Backcountry Adventure gives you the opportunity to explore the riparian canyons, high desert and mountain environments surrounding Boulder, Utah based on your whims.  If the whim to explore a side canyon hits, lets do it.  If you want to study a panel of rock art for hours, then why not?   Whether you come alone or with a group of friends for a few days or a few weeks, its your time, why not make it your adventure?

Experience your grand adventure.


Basecamp Adventures


How “rough” do you want to go?  Though generally basecamps are experiences of “smoothing it” rather than “roughing it,” the level of technology is up to you.  We can set up an old school rustic basecamp, or a more traditional canvas wall tent basecamp.   And, even though our nights are spent at the same location, our days can be spent hiking the vast array of landscapes within the area.

Your backcountry home is your place to rejuvenate.


Family Adventures


When is the last time you had exclusive time with your family – no phones, no computers, no video games – just you and your family?    When it comes to time spent with your family, the quality of the time is quite important.  Family time in nature is pure family time.  From base camps for families with younger children to trail camps for families with older children, Desert DAWN will help you create cherished family experiences that are true family experiences.



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