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Desert DAWN’s Multi-day Backcountry Adventures are designed to be authentic experiences.  These are not catered encounters, rather, they are engaging adventures in camping and hiking.  We not only provide the experience, we also provide instruction you may need to engage in all aspects of camping and backpacking.  We even provide the traditional 19th century style gear, when desired. If you are ready for this type of adventure, then the experience will certainly be challenging yet with positive personal benefits.

Registration starts with a conversation to determine your interest and abilities. During the planning phase of your adventure we will likely have several conversations as we fine tune the details of the adventure. I look forward to hearing from you and starting the planning.


Multi-Day Backcountry Adventure Rates


The rates for Multi-Day Backcountry adventures range are based on the type of experience I create for you and your group. The rates start at $685 per day for a group of three campers.

We put a fair bit of energy into the planning and preparation of your adventure.  We will have several discussions with you to make certain we design the adventure of your dreams.   To start the conversation, please..


Reserve the Dates for Your

Multi-Day Backcountry Adventure


Reserving the dates is easy.  Please provide a name, email, phone number and the dates you wish to have your adventure.  I will respond, typically within 48 hours, to confirm the date and discuss your interests for the adventure.  Advance planning will help in accommodating your date request. April through October are the busiest months, March and November are colder months. No one has ever requested December through February since the weather during this period is far more challenging and the length of day is extremely short, though these months are not outside of the realm of possibility.

To start the conversation, please…

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