Planning Your Escalante Canyons Adventure

The Escalante Canyons has become a wonderful respite from the crowds of the southern Utah National Parks. Quite often folks that hike with me comment that they wished they had known more about this area when they were planning their trip. I have put together some information that may be helpful in your planning.


What to Bring

On Your Day Hike?


Being prepared for your adventure is the key to having a great day. The desert presents various challenges that not within the scope of challenges most folks encounter on their typical day hike. This page addresses the gear and supplies that may be useful during your hike.


Desert Hiking Safety


Hiking in the Desert Canyons is has challenges of Navigation, heat, hydration and difficult terrain with very few maintained trails. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with some of these Desert Hiking Safety tips, to be ready to enjoy your trail travel in these amazing canyons.


Day Hike Levels


A proper assessment of your day hiking skill level will help you determine which hikes will be in your comfort zone.


Land Navigation Skill Levels


The terrain in the Canyon system of the Escalante River is vast with very few maintained trails. This means that the vast majority of the area requires land navigation skills to appreciate. Before you head out into the desert it is imperative that your land navigation skills are up to the navigation challenges of the landscape.


Four Seasons of Hiking

Near Boulder, Utah


Hiking in the Escalante Canyons is possible all year round. Of course, each season of the year has its particular weather challenges.


About Boulder, Utah


Boulder, Utah is a quiet little town nestled between the Canyons of the Escalante River and Boulder Mountain. It will be helpful to know the amenities that are available in Boulder as you are planning your trip. The amenities are not vast in number but what we do have is high in quality.


This Year,

Let’s Get Some

Southern Utah

Canyon Country Time!