Lodging, Restaurants and Services in Boulder, Utah

To help you plan your stay in Boulder, we have assembled this list of services for Boulder, Utah.  Additional information on the services available in Boulder may be found at boulderutah.com.


Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch 435-335-7480

Boulder Mountain Lodge 435-335-7460

Circle Cliffs Motel

Address: 225 North Scenic Highway 12
Phone: 435-335-7333  
E-Mail: circle@boulderutah.com

Kiva Koffeehouse 435-826-4550

Poles Place 435-335-7422


Boulder Mesa Restaurant

Burr Trail Grill

Hells Backbone Grill

Kiva Koffeehouse

Sweetwater Kitchen


Hills & Hollows – Food and Gas

Boulder Exchange – Food and Gas

Address: 420 N Highway 12Boulder, UT 84716 (Just south of Anasazi State Park)
Phone: 435-335-7304

US Post Office

Address: 325 North 100 East, Boulder, Utah 84716
Phone: 435-335-7553

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