You will find on this Resources page links to information relating to Visiting Boulder Utah, our Multi-day Backcountry Trips, our Day Tours and our Workshops.  Click on the Section title

Visiting the Boulder Area

Links to driving directions, Local Services and Weather for backcountry locations.

Day Hiking

Links to Year-round Hiking, Hike Categories, Hikers Gear List

Wilderness Pathfinder Adventures and Multi-day Backcountry Private Excursions

This section provides information to registered participants of Desert DAWN’s Wilderness Pathfinder Adventures and  Multi-day Backcountry Private Excursions.

Field Cooking Recipes

The participants of our of the Wilderness Pathfinder Adventures, Multi-day Backcountry Private Excursions and Traditional Animal Processing Workshop frequently crave to have the recipes for the dishes prepared in the backcountry or in the workshop.  Please enjoy.

Animal Processing Workshop Recipes 

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