Traditional Outdoor Skills Courses

Take a step away from the phones, the computers, the tablets and into nature’s solitude.   Humans have always retreated to nature for the grounding affect of nature’s solitude.


Wilderness Pathfinder Courses


Resuming the Adventures in 2022.

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What would it be like to immerse yourself in the wilderness, carrying only a few basic items and being able to read the land to determine the resources that nature could provide for your sustenance and comfort, as Daniel Boone would do?  Read S’More!

Discover the wonders of nature using traditional woodcraft camping skills:   Fire Craft, Shelter Craft, Knife Craft, Axe Craft, Rope Craft, Pack Craft, Camp Craft, Trail Craft, Plant Craft and Animal Craft.  These are the same wilderness living skills that were the “ten essentials” of the 18th century pathfinders who were the early explorers of this land.