Wilderness Pathfinder Adventures

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Resuming the Adventures in 2022

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What would it be like to immerse yourself in the wilderness, carrying only a few basic items and being able to read the land to determine the resources that nature could provide for your sustenance and comfort, as Daniel Boone would do?

Wilderness Living Skills, Not Just Survival Skills!

When you learn to live from the resources that nature provides, then “survival” becomes second nature.  Early American Explorers and Longhunters lived this way and now you can gain these skills for exploring nature.


Wilderness Pathfinder Adventure Series: 

Rediscovering Our Adventuresome Spirit within the American Wilderness

The Wilderness Pathfinder Adventure Series covers the living skills of the 19th century explorers.  The breadth of skills for these explorers was so great that we feel it is best to put them into a series of Adventures.  Each Adventure in the series builds on the skills acquired in the previous Adventure.


Foundational Backcountry Knowledge 

Understanding the Materials

  • Focus on Fire Craft, Rope Craft & Knife Craft.
  • Obtain a high level of proficiency with the foundational skills
  • Camp with 19th century style gear.


The Traditional Camper Adventure

Crafting Tools and Implements for Camp

  • Camp using skills gleaned from the 19th century pathfinders.
  • Prepare your own 19th century style gear for camping and trail travel.
  • Create a home in the woods using your wits, a tomahawk and nature’s resources.
  • Discover the art and skills of traditional woodcraft camping.


The Traditional Navigator Adventure

  • Navigate by reading the landscape and using natures signposts.
  • Enter the world of the early pathfinders, using only spoken information and handmade maps to find your way.
  • Use mental imaging to realize the big picture of pathfinding.
  • Discover  the cultural aspect of navigation.

DIrection Clues

Can you see natures signpost within the above photo.  It provides various clues for natural navigation and finding ones directions.  Discover these and more in the Navigator Adventure.


The Explorer Adventure

  • Explore the land with traditional wilderness pathfinder skills.
  • Travel using basic gear and the traditional 19th century gear that you made.
  • Hone your nature awareness skills.
  • Discover where and how to forage meals.
  • Sleep under the stars in a bivouac shelter made from natural materials.