Physical Abilities for Basecamp Courses


Physical Abilities


The Foundational Backcountry Knowledge course is a camping experience that takes advantage of a basecamp setting to facilitate the learning.  We will have short hikes with day packs to study plants and gather materials.  The following is an outline of the physical abilities a person should be complete in order to participate in the course.

Physical Abilities needed on the Course


Sleeping                                                Tarps, blankets and natural materials

Cooking                                                 Campfire

Toilet                                                      Latrine/catholes


Average Hiking Distances (Daily)       1.5 miles

Maximum Hiking Distance (Daily)     3 miles

Potential Elevation Change (Daily)      up to 800 feet


Elevation Range                                   7200 to 9500 feet

Food & Water

Food (approx. calories)                       2000 calories/day

Basecamp  water                                 at a natural water source

Day hike water                                     1 Liter Water Bottle