Discovery Workshop

Guides that love to teach, or

teachers that love to guide?


No matter which,

we enjoy sharing this landscape with visitors and 

we enjoy sharing our knowledge and skills along the way.


Discovering the basics of Traditional Outdoor Skills.


Developing Competence,

Building Confidence



Teaching Fundamental Outdoor Skills;

Developing Outdoor Competence; and 

Building Backcountry Confidence


Developing and Awareness

to the Way of Nature


Developing an Awareness for Ways of Nature” is kick started when we have outdoor competence and backcountry confidence.



the Possibilities


Discover the possibilities by visiting the detailed descriptions Desert DAWN’s Fundamental Skills Workshops. We are able to blend components of the these workshops to develop your Discovery Experience.

Fire Craft ~ Traditional Fire Methods

Clothing Craft ~ The Natural Fiber Way

Shelter Craft ~ Flat Fabric Camping

Trail Craft ~ Lost Proofing


Registering for a

Discovery Workshop


The Discovery Workshop can be as short as four hours or as long as eight hours.  Since each workshop is individually designed for your organization or group we will discuss the design for your particular workshop.

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Let’s Discover,