Woodcraft Skills Workshop – Clothing and Gear List

The following is a list of items you should consider bringing to your Woodcraft Skills workshop with Desert DAWN. The weather of the day will dictate what clothing will be needed. Most people have their favorite outfits for day outings. This list is intended as a checklist of things to remember for the day camp.


  • Hat with brim – Good for keeping the sun off the face and the back of the neck and helps keep you cool.
  • Bandanas – Because they have 1001 uses.
  • Shirt – a long-sleeve cotton shirt with front buttons is a desert essential to help you stay cooler when the weather is warmer and to protect from sun, insects and scrapes and bangs.
  • Rain Jacket – Because you never know. Afternoon showers are common in mid to late summer.
  • Sweater – Cooler temperatures should be expected any time of the year, particularly at higher elevations.
  • Pants – Long pants are great for sun protection, bug protection and brush protection.

Cool weather clothing for early spring or late fall day camps.

  • Stocking cap – A nice wool stocking cap is so light weight yet so luxurious to have when the temperatures dip.
  • Jacket, light to mid weight – another essential you will want to have when the temperatures dip. Wool is an excellent choice when working with fire. 


  • Shoes – Bring the ones you wear often. Hiking shoes are great and regular running shoes will work well also. Be alert to the expected weather, wince wet weather shoes may be helpful.
  • Socks – Wool or wool blend socks help your feet stay drier, which helps you avoid blisters when we do some hiking. Cotton socks should be avoided for hiking. 


  • Day pack – a bit bigger than you need for you summer gear makes items easier to access and allows for extra space for the cool weather gear if needed.
  • Water bottles – 2 liters in summer, unless the day camp is at a location where culinary water is available.
  • Knife – The Woodcraft Skills Day Camps have a large component of knife use. The Morakniv 11863 Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Carbon Steel Blade, 4.1-Inch, Military Green, which is available through Amazon for $12.28 will serve the students well during the Day Camp. A sharpening device will be provided at the day camp.

Personal Care and First Aid

  • First Aid Kit – Mostly bandages and ointments for small cuts and scrapes. Day Campers should have a small first aid kit, which serves the purpose of helping the child create a stronger sense of self responsibility.
  • Lip Balm – It feels so good on the lips in our arid environment.
  • Sunscreen – The sun is more intense at higher elevations also consider long sleeves and long pants.
  • Insect Repellant – “Insects are,” and we have them and some of them give an annoying bite/sting, also consider long sleeves and long pants.
  • Ziploc Bags – These are convenient to keep lotions from spilling into your pack also a ziplock will prevent sand from getting into the moving parts of your camera.

Lunch – Each participant should have a lunch. Most workshop days are 6 hours or more in duration.