Camp Crafter Course

Canvas has long been used to create a home away from home.

Canvas has long been used to create a home away from home.

In the 1920’s the Ford Model T car opened camping to a large part of the American population.  Recreational camping had become a beloved past-time (read the Advent of Recreational Camping).  The Camp Crafter Course goes back to this era when camping was a endeavor of relaxation at a camp that was a home away from home.

The Camp Crafter Course is a woodcraft camping experience that allows you to explore nature from the comforts of a base camp.  This is good old fashion camping: strolling through the forest to explore nature; chopping firewood; cooking over an open fire using dutch ovens; story telling around the campfire; and sleeping in canvas tents (or under the stars if you like).  You will experience nature in an unhurried and relaxing manner.  You will learn the art of shelter craft, which covers the many configurations a flat piece of canvas can be used to make a shelter.  You will be amazed at how simple it is to tie up a shelter when you know the proper knots.  Your tools – a field knife, an axe and a buck saw – will be used to make various implements that will make life in camp more enjoyable.  Come for the spectacular camping experience; learn to use woodcraft tools, rope and canvas; and leave for home with skills that will have many other applications in life.

The Camp Crafter course takes place on Boulder Mountain within the Dixied National Forest.  This mountain is an oasis of sorts in the middle of the high desert country of South Central Utah.   The mountain provides a lush setting and plentiful learning opportunities for this course.

Family Camp Crafter Course

The camp Crafter Course is also offered in a family format.  Bring the entire family for unique family experience.  Learn more…

Course Dates, Rates and Registration

The Camp Crafter Course is next scheduled for the Summer of 2018.   Please call 435-335-7710 to arrange for a Family or Basecamp Excursion.

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