Course Registration

You are on your way to a new way of camping and a new perspective of nature!

To register for a course, simply call us at 435-335-7710 or email us using the form below. Please read our Course Registration Policies for information on our registration policies and procedures.

Basecamp and Trail Courses

Open enrollment, tuition & deposit per person

What Would Daniel Boone Do? Sept 29 – Oct 8, 2018*                           $1050

Boulder Mountain Wildlife Safari, Coming in 2019                               $TBD

Registration deposit                                                                                      $250

Trail Camp Courses

2019 Dates To Be Determined.

Open enrollment, tuition & deposit per person

Natural Navigator Course                                                                            $875

Backcountry Emergency Preparedness Course                                      $755

Trail Crafter Course                                                                                       $875

Registration deposit                                                                                       $175

*Course tuition includes course instructors and food rations along with basic group gear and woodcraft camping/blanket pack style personal gear.   A gear list is provided, which lists the clothing and gear that students should bring and the gear the Desert DAWN will provide.   We will gladly help you locate clothing or gear items that you may not own or with which you may not be able to travel.    Travel expenses and food and lodging expenses up to the designated start time and after the designated end time of the course are not included in the tuition rate.  Local taxes are not included in the tuition rate.

Tuition Assistance

We hope that our tuition rates are reasonable and affordable.   We understand that even though the tuition is as low as we can make it that this may still not be low enough for some.  In an effort to make our courses widely available, we may be able to provide tuition assistance.  Please call us at 453-335-7710 or email us using the form below to inquire.

Multi-Day Private and Family Excursions

Please follow this link for a Multi-Day Excursion Reservation.

Day Tour Reservations

Please follow this link for Day Tour Reservations.

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