Registration Policies

Thank you for choosing to join us for one of our classic camping, nature discovery, or cultural history courses.  Please take a moment to read through our registration policies regarding the registration process, tuition and fees, cancellations, refunds and other policies.   We look forward to helping you prepare for your course and to spending time with you in the amazing landscape of South Central Utah.  Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any assistance.

Desert DAWN, LLC courses are open to all who wish to attend.  We do have minimum age requirements for courses.   Acceptance to a course is based on a persons ability to meet the physical and mental challenges of the course.   We reserve the right to refuse acceptance to a course if we consider that a person’s physical or mental health may present a risk to themself or other participants.


The registration process has a few steps.   Deciding which course to take and paying the deposit is the first step.  The second step is to complete the registration papers – Participant Information Sheet, Participant Health History and Participant Agreement – and return them to us.  We must receive these items within 14 days of when we mail the papers to you.  We will then review your registration papers and contact you if there are any concerns or missing items.  The final step is the payment in full of the tuition.


You are registered for a course once your deposit is received.  You become officially enrolled in the course once all the registration papers have been completed, received and approved and the tuition paid in full.


Students are registered on a first-come basis.  Once a course is full prospective students may contingently register for the course and be placed on a wait list.  This involves completion of the standard course registration papers and payment of the course deposit.  In the event a registered student does not return the registration papers and tuition in a timely manner or is not accepted to the course for other reasons or needs to withdraw from the course prior to the start date, then contingently registered students will be notified of the opportunity to join the course in order of the date of contingent registration.  A contingently registered student will have three days from notification to accept the position and be registered for the course.  A contingently registered student will be enrolled in the course upon receipt of the full tuition payment.  Contingently registered students that remain on the wait list or cannot accept an invitation to join the course will receive a full refund of their deposit once course start date has passed.


Students that begin the registration process within 28 days of the course start date are considered late registrants.  Late registrants have 14 days or until the enrollment closing date (see below), whichever comes first, to return the registration papers and the full tuition payment.


Desert DAWN wants to make certain that everyone – students and instructors – have time to prepare for a course.  Course enrollment is closed seven days prior to the start of the course.  We require that all registration papers and tuition payments be received by the time the enrollment closes.


All remaining tuition must be paid 42 days (6 weeks) in advance of the course starting date. Applicants who have not paid in full by this time may forfeit their registration position and deposit and may be replaced by a person on the wait list.


Desert DAWN courses must have a threshold minimum of students that must be met for a course to operate.  We must know whether we have crossed this threshold by 42 days prior to the start date of the course.  At this threshold date we commit the resources and instructors for the course.  Conversely, enrolled students must be given adequate notification if a course will cross the threshold in order to make or confirm travel arrangements.  Desert DAWN, LLC commits to conducting or not conducting a course at this threshold date.  Students will receive a refund of tuition paid should the course be cancelled due to inadequate student enrollment.

Courses may be cancelled at a late date or during the course for reasons that may or may not be in the control of Desert DAWN, LLC, such as natural disasters or extreme weather.  Since resources may already be committed and expenses already incurred for the course it may not be possible to provide refunds of tuition paid.  Students are encouraged to acquire trip cancellation insurance for these situations.

Desert DAWN, LLC cannot be responsible for other costs related to attending the course that may be incurred by students.  Students are encouraged to acquire trip cancellation insurance, which may provide reimbursement for expenses incurred in the event a trip is cancelled.


Desert DAWN, LLC commits resources to a course once the 42 day threshold date passes.  Since we have committed to the course, the course depends on the commitment of the registered and enrolled students.  It may be difficult or nearly impossible to replace a student the closer we get to the start date.  For these reasons, a full refund of tuition paid is not possible when a student cancels their registration or enrollment after the threshold date.   Please be aware of the following cancellation fee schedule should you need to cancel your enrollment.

Deposit Refund policy

Students have forty eight hours from the receipt of the deposit to  rescind the registration and receive a full refund of their deposit.

Students on the wait list will have until they are notified that a position is available to rescind their registration and receive a full refund of their deposit.  Students who are on the wait list and are not notified of an available position on the course will receive a full refund of their deposit.

Students who are not accepted to a course for reasons of unresolvable conditions that have been noted on the Health History Form will receive a full refund of their deposit and any tuition paid.


The following schedule will be used to determine what amounts of the course tuition will be forfeited should a student need to cancel a registration or enrollment of a course.

Days Prior to Course Start Date            Tuition Forfeiture

43 or more                                                  0% subject to our deposit refund policy

29-42 days                                                 25% of course tuition

22-28 days                                                 50% of course tuition

15-21 days                                                   75% of course tuition

14 days or less                                         100% of course tuition

Students who fail to show up for the course or arrive after the start of the course or who voluntarily or involuntarily leave the course for any reason will forfeit the entire tuition paid and will not be entitled to any refund.   Desert DAWN, LLC reserves the right, at the instructors discretion, to remove a student from a course whose conduct is detrimental to the Desert DAWN program or course, or is endangering the health, safety or well-being of themself or others.  Trip cancellation insurance may be able to reimburse all or part of the tuition cost for unforeseen circumstances that may prevent or delay a student’s arrival for a course or interrupt a student’s participation in a course.


Your tuition may not cover other optional fees such as a fishing license for the State of Utah.  There will be time to obtain these items on the first day of the course if applicable to the course.

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