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Children do things just because they are curious.  Nature through a child's eye always gives us pause to wonder.

Children do things just because they are curious. Nature through a child’s eye always gives us pause to wonder.

Everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student.  Our children are our teachers.  When we share nature with children it is not necessarily us that show them nature but they that show us.  Nature through a child’s eyes is more true.  The reason for sharing nature with our children is the return to innocence and openness that it gives us.

Desert DAWN provides a unique opportunity for families to explore nature together using classic camping methods.  We allow the pace to slow down and we allow ourselves to come down to the child’s level and see nature from the perspective of our children.

Little did Dad know that the perfect stick for the tarp shelter was just moments away.

Families learn together the classic camping and nature awareness skills.  We empower our young by teaching them classic camping skills and allowing them to use these skills.  In the times of old, many children were able to whittle and construct fires at an early age.  Today, many of us make it well into adulthood without learning these very basic skills.

We teach skills based on the child’s ability level. Children are taught to select good campsites and construct their shelters or “forts”.  The children experience arranging the camp for safe and efficient camping.

Then there is the campfire – not just for cooking amazing meals but for time together.  Time to share stories of the day or of our lives.  Time for our children to come to know us better and us to know them better.

Exploring nature is natural for children.  They help the adults see nature more acutely.

Exploring nature is natural for children. They help the adults see nature more acutely.

Everyone is encouraged to explore and experience nature first hand.   We want our children to inquire about nature.  The more they inquire the more the adults see.  We will learn the flavor of some pretty cool plants – and also the plants to avoid.  We will learn what animals made the tracks on the ground and look for signs of the animal’s lives – and what to do when we see animals.  We will lie on our backs and just watch the leaves flutter and the clouds pass and we will lie on our stomachs and watch the insects crawl.  We will find our true nature.

Spending time in nature with our children, priceless!

Spending time in nature with our children, priceless!

When we come to the end our course, the objective is for all of us to have gained some skills and learned more about nature, however, the greater gain is the time we spend together as a family.  Time that will become the memories of our future.  In nature, without the distractions of our everyday life – school, work, TV, X-box, I-phones … –  we have time to be a family.  The time spent together in nature strengthens families and teaches us to work with each other; cultivating love and trust is the ultimate goal.

Family Camp Crafter

The Family Camp Crafter Course is a journey into the sights, sounds and aromas of the tent camps of yesteryear.  This course allows families with younger children to experience nature through a base-camp lifestyle.  Your family experiences five days of sleeping in canvas tents, cooking meals over an open fire, going on day hikes geared for the younger people and sitting around a campfire in the evening telling stories.  The Family Camp Crafter course is appropriate for families with children as young as six years of age.

Private Family Excursions

Desert DAWN also provides Private Family Excursions.  We are able to conduct any of our courses at a time that is conducive to your schedule or we can custom design a trip for the explorations, experience levels and time length your family desires.

Course Dates, Rates and Registration

Course dates are available on the Calendar of Courses page.  Registration and tuition information is available on the Course Registration page.

Share Nature’s Gifts

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