Nature Discovery Courses

Desert Dawn’s Nature Discovery series of courses focus on the art and science of observing and understanding nature.  Early explorers of this continent could travel with out maps because their naturalist skills allowed them to read the land.  They could find food as they traveled because their naturalist skills helped them understand the plants and animals.  They could also anticipate lurking dangers because their naturalist skills gave them the ability to understand the calls and activities of the animals, which provided alerts to what else was nearby in the woods.

Naturalist skills are core backcountry skills.  These are the skills that help you understand what resources nature can provide, which allows you to reduce the amount and weight of gear you carry on your back into the backcountry.

Vintage Birding Course


Florence Merriam Bailey, noted as the first author of a birding field guide, in camp near Queens New Mexico, 1901.  Photo by Vernon Bailey.  Courtesy of Vernon Bailey Papers, American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming.

The Vintage Birding Course takes us back to the early days of birding as a form of recreation and relaxation.  In the late 1800’s people went on birding excursions into the backcountry as an escape from the stresses of city life.  With camps set deep within the woods, it was easy to let oneself slip away from the worries of daily life and return to the deep relaxation found only in nature.  Camping allowed the birders to be within the birding activity all of the time, the birds were heard and seen as soon as one awoke until the last bit of wakefulness wafted into slumber.

Desert DAWN’s  Vintage Birding Course is a unique experience that combines the professional skills of four instructors who are accomplished in their respective fields of birding, nature art, nature observation and woodcraft camping to provide this one-of-a-kind naturalist experience exploring nature.   Read on…