Backcountry Emergency Preparedness Course

Keeping them Happy

When things aren’t going as planned, you – the trip leader –are the go-to happiness factor. Make sure your outdoor skills are up to the task. Build confidence with age-old backcountry wisdom; the tried and true skills of Fire Craft, Shelter Craft, Knife Craft and Rope Craft have always made the difference in challenging situations.

Most guides and outdoor educators have medical training, often at the Wilderness First Responder level. When non-medical field emergencies arise or when environmental elements are an added challenge to medical emergencies are you ready to manage the situation. Compliment your medical training with emergency training that focuses on traditional woodcraft camping skills.

A peaceful spring outing that turned magical as a quick spring snowstorm blew over the canyons. Wow!

A peaceful spring outing or a potential emergency? Though maybe not yet an emergency, a spring snow on a group of under-prepared day hike clients may turn into a challenge. Would you be able to effectively start a fire, when your hands are cold and everything is soaked, to manage the situation and keep it from becoming a emergency?

The Backcountry Emergency Preparedness Course addresses the non-medical aspects of an emergency. Using age-old woodcraft camping skills students learn effective fire lighting skills, even in the rain; how to make shelters from natural materials; and how to use a few simple tools like a field knife and cordage to leverage the resources available in nature to improve an emergency situation.

The Backcountry Emergency Preparedness Course is conducted at a base camp in order that the students will have actual experiences yet still have time to cover the skills properly. We begin with the nearly forgotten basics of traditional woodcraft camping skills: knife craft, rope craft, shelter craft and fire craft. Then we explore the resources that nature can provide. Finally we join these skills and knowledge to discover means of caring for ourselves with a few basic gear items and nature’s resources. Learning to make the most of what is available is the key to managing challenging situations.

Over the last few years, many outdoor educators and guides  have requests a back-to-basics skills course. It is now available as the Backcountry Emergency Preparedness Course.  This course is designed for individuals that work as guides or outdoor educators or for anyone that is interested in entering the field.  We invite you to “up your game” in the backcountry with skills that will always serve you well in many situations.

Course Dates, Rates and Registration

Backcountry Emergency Preparedness Course: July 14th – July 17th,  2017 

Tuition:  $755

Registration information is available on the Course Registration page.

Enrollment Limit: 9 Students

Gear Provided: Students are encouraged to bring their standard back packing kit. Woodcraft camping/blanket pack style gear will be available as teaching tools. We can also provide blanket pack style gear to students if they desire to be fully immersed into this type of camping.