Trail Crafter Courses

Hiking the Escalante River with Classic Trail Camping Gear.

Hiking the Escalante River with Classic Trail Camping Gear.

The Trail Crafter Series of courses provides you with a foundation of traditional woodcraft camping skills that are used for trail travel.   Knife craft, rope craft, shelter craft, fire craft and land navigation comprise the curriculum of Trail Crafter courses.  True to a pioneering spirit, the things you carry are well planned to have the greatest utility.   You will have the opportunity to learn to make a pack from a few gear items and materials you find in nature.  You will learn the art of creating shelters from a poncho and camp cloth and a bed from a blanket and natures resources.  You will learn how to travel quietly and gracefully in nature and navigate the lands through which we roam.

The Trail Crafter Series has three distinct courses:

Trail Crafter  is the core course at Desert DAWN.  This course presents the basic woodcraft skills used while traveling on the trail.  This is the course to learn knife craft, shelter craft, pack craft, fire craft and basic land navigation!  Read more…

Map & Compass Navigator provides students an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of map and compass skills while having an opportunity to practice their woodcraft camping skills.  Read More…

Natural Navigator is an opportunity to test your woodcraft camping and nature awareness skills at a higher level.   Imagine what it must have been to be Daniel Boone exploring westward through the Cumberland Gap, not really knowing the land yet navigating out and back without maps of the land. We recreate this experience of  the early explorers.    Read more…

Come home to nature, it welcomes you.

Join us at Desert DAWN for a re-awakening of woodcraft skills.    Gain a new perspective and appreciation for the gifts of nature through woodcraft camping skills and a old-school camping experience.

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