What Would Daniel Boone Do?

A Traditional Woodcraft Camping Adventure

What would it be like to immerse yourself in the wilderness, carrying only a few basic items and being able to read the land to determine the resources that nature could provide for your sustenance and comfort, as Daniel Boone would do?

The adventure starts with a basecamp to learn skills and to prepare our basic gear for the travel phase.  Along the journey you will:

  • Explore the land and learn where and how to forage your meals.
  • Navigate by reading the landscape and noticing natural signposts.
  • Create a home in the woods using your wits, a hatchet and nature’s resources.
  • Discover the art and skills of woodcraft camping.

September 30 – October 8, 2018 ~~ BOULDER, UTAH

9 Days & 8 Nights

Tuition $1050

Tuition includes the use of basecamp and trail excursion gear, all meals, and a full compliment of field lessons.


Call 435-335-7710 or email jeff@thedesertdawn.com

Ask about early registration and outdoor educator discounts.


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