Bacon is one of those wonderfully exciting foods, which is difficult to resist, for good reason, it is salted deep-fried fat and meat.  Though most bacon is cured in some form or another, this “bacon” is just as exciting when the meat is fresh.

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Cooking Time: 1 hour

Cooking Utensils:

Dutch Oven, #10 – 1

Skimming Spoon – 1



Flank meat




Cooking bacon is essentially the same as rendering fat, however the by-product is yummy crispy and flavorful bacon instead of cracklings.

Slice the flank meat across the grain of the meat into thin, ¼”, strips.  Place the strips into the Dutch oven and cook over medium low heat. Stir regularly.  As the strips reach the desired doneness, i.e. level of crispiness, remove them from the Dutch oven with the skimming spoon, salt the bacon and serve hot.

Note:  Once the water has cooked out of the strips, steam will cease to rise from the pot and the temperature of the oil will start to rise above the boiling point of water.  As  the steam diminishes, it is critical to maintain a constant watch on the bacon so as to keep the cooking temperature low enough to not allow the oil to smoke, which means the oil is burned.