Deep Fried Stomach

I first imagined this recipe while processing an animal in the field on one of the Wilderness Pathfinder Adventures.  It was a resounding  two thumbs up.

Preparation Time: 2 hours

Cooking Time:  10 – 15 minutes

Cooking Utensils:

Pot, Large

Dutch oven – medium

Slotted spoon or deep frying skimming ladle


Stomach, well cleaned inside and out

Salt — ½ teaspoon

Rendered Fat – 2 cups

Salsa or hot sauce as a condiment


Clean the stomach with fresh water scrapping as much of the stomach lining off as possible. Liberally salt the inside of the stomach and use the salt scrub more of the lining away.  Let the stomach soak in the salt for two hours.  Rinse well.  Soak in lemon juice overnight.

Rinse the stomach well and bring to a boil in salted water.  Boil for 1½ hours.  Cut the stomach in to 1-inch squares.  Deep fry the squares in rendered sheep fat. The oil should be hot enough that when a piece of stomach is placed in the fat then the piece of stomach will very quickly rise to the top.  Put small amounts of sliced stomach into the fat so as not to lower the temperature too much.  Slowly stir the pieces in the hot oil to make sure both sides are well fried.  Skim the stomach pieces out.   Salt and serve hot.  Serve with salsa or hot sauce.