Blood Sausage

Variations of blood sausage are made throughout the world.  Morcilla is a very popular dish of Latin America.  The blood of an animal is full of micro- and macro-nutrients.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Boiling time: 1 ½ hours

Frying time: 6 minutes


Cooking utensils:


Cotton Twine


Pot, large enough to boil the sausages

Dutch oven lid



Blood – 2 cups

Large intestine – cleaned

Rice –  2 cups, cooked (white rice is traditional)

Salt – 1 Tablespoon

Pepper – ¼ teaspoon

Cumin – ½ teaspoon

Rendered Fat – a few tablespoons


Catch the blood in a vessel as the animal is slaughtered.  Be cautious not to get stomach fluids in the blood.  As soon as the blood is collected, whip it briskly with a clean stick or wooden spoon.  The whipping process prevents the blood from coagulating.  Refrigerate the blood until you are ready to prepare the morcilla.

Prepare the Morcilla as soon as the large intestine is cleaned.  Mix thoroughly the blood, rice, salt, pepper and cumin.  Fry a small amount to test the flavor.  Adjust the flavor as desired.  Marcilla is typically a salty dish.

Spoon the mixture into the large intestine, stir the mixture regularly so the rice and blood are evenly distributed in the sausage. Tie the sausages off with the cotton twine every 6 to 8 inches.  When tying off the sausage links, squeeze all the air out of the link and tie an inch or so above the stuffing mixture.  Providing the extra space allows for expansion of the sausage mixture as it is boiled.  (Unused stuffing mixture can be sautéed in rendered fat and served as tacos with corn tortillas

After the sausage links are all stuffed, place them in a pot with water enough to cover the sausages. Bring the water to a boil and then simmer the sausages for 1 ½ hours.  Occasionally, make sure the sausages are not sticking to the bottom of the pot.   After an 1 ½ hours, remove the sausages from the water and cool them.

When you are ready to serve the sausages, cut them into ½ inch slices and fry in a small amount of rendered fat.  Serve hot.