Knife Craft

Knife skills are an essential part of life, whether in the kitchen, around the home or on the trail. A sharp knife is a safe knife that does the work easier and better.  In this 2 day class you will discover all aspects of being safe with a knife, using a knife and maintaining an edge on a knife.

Our knife craft workshop follows the SUM approach – Safety, Use & Maintenance.  We start with the basics – understanding the knife: its parts;  the reasoning behind various designs of these parts; and knife terminology.     Then we go into knife Safety, Use, & Maintenance.  And, by the end of the workshop you are turning out hand carved items while at the same time your knife remains sharp!

Safety First – Using a knife safely is key to using a knife well.  We will address how to keep you and others around you free from serious injury.

Use Second.  The primary use of a knife on the trail is for fashioning useful items out of wood – woodcraft.  The comfort gained in nature from having the skill and confidence to take a basic knife and use it to create spoons, fire sets, pack frames and a multitude of other items is quite liberating.  We will show you methods for using your knife that will lead you down this trail of self-reliance.

Maintenance Third – Did you know that when working wood you should re-sharpen your knife every ten minutes or so?  The saying “a sharp knife is a safe knife,” considers that a sharp knife does work so much more efficiently than a dull knife.  We will present the methods used to make a knife razor sharp and keeping it sharp.  Yes, you will be able to shave with your properly sharpened knife.

The Knife Craft Workshop has ample time to learn the necessary woodcraft techniques for making  items such as: a try-stick, a buck saw, a spatula, a spoon , a fire set, or a pack frame.  From these humble projects, the door to the world of woodcraft opens widely.

Available Workshops

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