The Overnighter


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No one plans to stay out over night on a day hike, but could you?  Could you make it through the night with the gear in your day pack or even more challenging, with the resources that nature provides?


The Bare Necessities


The Overnighter Workshop addresses the Bare Necessities, which everyone should know when venturing into the backcountry.  Separating the necessities of the Body from the wants of the body may make all the difference.  From identifying the Bare Necessities to understanding how to manage these Bare Necessities to knowing what tools to carry that will make the management of the Bare Necessities much easier.


The Overnight Daypack


The Overnight Daypack that we discuss, slightly adjusts the gear that most people carry in their daypack.  With these simple gear adjustments your gear is readily adaptable from day hike purposes to overnight functionality.


The Overnighter Workshop


The Overnighter Workshop can be as short as four hours or as long as overnight, and of course the overnight version has some practical experience.  Since each workshop is individually designed for your organization or group, the rate for the workshop is based on various factors, which we discuss in the design process.  To start the conversation …

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