Jeff Sanders

Jeff Sanders, Owner, Instructor and Guide

Jeff Sanders followed the path well traveled from High School, garnering a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Masters of Business Administration degree and a Law degree.  Soon after entering the “real world” he heard the path less traveled calling. In the midst of changing paths he found his true passion, teaching about nature using basic camping technologies.

Jeff Started working in the outdoor industry in 1993 and started his guiding career in 1998 as a hiking and biking guide in Alaska.   In 1999, the path led him to the Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS), one of the premier survival schools in the country. He studied the survival arts as a student and then progressed through the instructor ranks. He soon became the Field Director, which gave him responsibility for the operations of the school.  Eventually, his path led him to the position of Program Director through which he created additional programs for staff development and course development.  He never lost the passion for teaching and continued to develop lessons and curriculum as well as instruct in the field whenever possible.

Jeff’s trail went full circle in 2010, leaving the duties of the Program Director and returning to the field to once again follow his passion of leading students through transformational experiences in nature.  He founded the Desert DAWN Program in 2012 to focus on camping with nature instead of struggling against nature in “survival situations.”

Jeff lives a rural lifestyle with his wife and daughter in south central Utah.  It is here that they enjoy learning through nature in the mountains of their backyard – Boulder Mountain – and the desert and canyons of their front yard – the Escalante River drainage.

Come home to nature, it welcomes you.

Join us at Desert DAWN for a re-awakening of woodcraft skills.    Gain a new perspective and appreciation for the gifts of nature through woodcraft camping skills and a old-school camping experience.