Workshop Logistics

Organizing a workshop is quite simple and can be done through an organization or simply with a group of interested individuals.

Who may attend?

Anyone interested in learning the skills taught in the workshop is welcome.  Minors are welcome when accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Young folks should have a level of maturity that is conducive to the learning environment of all workshop participants. The workshop size may vary though a smaller student to instructor ratio allows for more coaching of the students.  

What facilities are needed?

The facilities requirements are basic.

A place to work outside with enough shelter for workshop participants to spread out and work comfortably;

A potable water source;

A place for a fire (optional for most workshops and necessary for others).

Specific facilities are required for the different workshops.  We will discuss this as we start to plan for your workshop.

What resources are needed?

Desert DAWN will send a materials list for the workshop.  Some materials will be brought be the instructor(s) while other materials and supplies will need to be obtained by the organizers.   This will be discussed in the planning stages of the workshop and clearly outlined and described in the materials list.  

What do the students need?

A gear list is provided to the organizer to pass out to the participants.  The gear is simple and in most cases the students will already own what they need.  Quality yet inexpensive knives are available for participants to purchase at the workshop if they feel they do not own a knife that will work well for the task.

When is the best time for a workshop?

Workshops may be scheduled any time during the week and during any season of the year.  Most participants find that weekends work best, however for longer workshops weekdays will be necessary.  The organizer should be familiar with seasonal weather patterns to decide when is the best time of the year to run a workshop.

How is a workshop scheduled?

During our initial discussions of the workshop, I will schedule tentative dates for the workshop once we have made the preliminary decisions of workshop type, length, location and number of participants. Once the workshop is tentatively scheduled, I will send a Workshop Agreement to the organizer to be completed and returned with the deposit.  Upon receipt by Desert DAWN, the workshop will be confirmed for the scheduled date. It is recommended, that arrangements for the major logistical components be made prior to final scheduling, since these arrangements may affect the dates of the workshop.

What’s next?  Promotion of the workshop.

If you are organizing the workshop for open enrollment (rather than having a private workshop) Desert DAWN will email promotional materials that may be printed and posted or emailed to members of the organization or public.  These materials will note the organizer’s contact information along with the date and time of the workshop. It is suggested that promotions be started six to eight weeks prior to the workshop. The organizer manages student registrations as may be deemed appropriate.  Desert DAWN simply needs a student roster with the students’ names and contact information.  Desert DAWN will promote the workshop on its website and will provide links to the host organization.

What is involved during the days before the workshop?

The Instructor(s) will arrive at the location earliy enough to set up for the workshop, typically an hour or two before the scheduled start time though in some cases they will need to arrive the day before the workshop. The instructor(s) will bring most of the equipment and supplies for the workshop.  The organizer obtained equipment, materials and supplies that are designated on the Materials List should br in a convenient location for the workshop.  The site will be reviewed and the best layout of the process will be decided.   The equipment set up typically takes an hour or two.

Our goal in working with a host is to make the arrangements for the workshop as streamlined as possible.  The host’s primary concerns are to arrange for a workshop site, to procure resources that are not easily transported by the instructors and to use their community contacts to promote the workshop and register students.  Desert DAWN will pretty much take care of everything else.

What is the cost of the workshop? 

The rate for a workshop depends on many variables, which at the least include the number of participants, the length of the workshop, the cost of materials and supplies and the instructor(s) travel and lodging cost. We do what we can to keep the workshop cost reasonable. Once we have had the initial discussions, I will be able to give a rough estimate of cost and will put together a rate quote for your approval. 


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