Self-Reliance Workshops

The Self Reliance Workshops broaden the workshop scope to cover multiple skills to be able to take care of one’s self for a particular need, whether for a day hike, for a multi-day backcountry adventure or simply for living closer to the land.



Self-Reliance Workshop


Critiquing Survival Shelters


Have you ever wonder, “What would I do if I had to stay out in the woods overnight with just what is in my daypack?”

The Overnight Self-Reliance Workshop helps you answer the question with “I’ve got this, yeah!”

We start with the Priorities of Survival and then address the critical skills for staying out over night. We cover the basic items one may want in a daypack for just this scenario. Finally, we practice the skills for hands-on experiential learning. This workshop is ideal for anyone who travels in the backcountry. It is great day hiker and backpacker skills for adults and children, backcountry enthusiast and backcountry professionals, including search and rescue teams or medevac helicopter teams. Workshop Length 4 to 8 hours or overnight.



Self-Reliance Workshop


Learning to make Fire by Friction
Friction Fire Encompasses Several Woodcraft Camping Skills. Photo by Terry Webb.


Have you ever considered, “What would I do if I were days deep in a backpacking trip and my pack went over a cliff?”

The Backcountry Self-Reliance Workshop helps you answer the question with “I’ve got this, yeah!”

We have taken the six core backcountry self-reliance trail skills – knife craft, fire craft, shelter craft, rope craft, pack craft and traditional navigation – and bundled them into this all encompassing workshop.  Our aim is for you to leave this workshop competent in your traditional backcountry skills and confident in your ability to stay happy and comfortable should any of your modern backpacking gear fail.  Workshop length – 3 to 5 Days.



Traditional Animal

Processing Workshop


Softening a sheep hide.

Have you ever wondered, “What would it be like to be able to provide more of my own food”?

The Traditional Animal Processing Workshop helps you answer the question, at least relating to meat with, “I’ve got this, yeah!”

Did you know that there are practical uses for every part of an animal and that the meat is not necessarily the most nutritious part of the animal. The Traditional Animal Processing Workshop puts not only the meat of an animal in your control but the use of other parts that are quite helpful when living more simply on the land. You will be able to gain more nutrition from the animals you process and you will be able to make all sorts of cool stuff from what is not used for food. Workshop Length – 3 to 5 days.



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