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Developing an Awareness

to the Ways of Nature


Encouraging people to touch nature

and be touched by nature,

by Developing an Awareness

to the Ways of Nature.

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Traditional Outdoor Skills Instructor


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Traditional Outdoor Skills Instruction


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A Local Guide Creates

a Richer Experience


Jeff lives locally in Boulder, Utah and has guided and taught extensively from the adjacent desert canyons and sub-alpine mountains.  He has a deep understanding and appreciation for this land, which allows him to create the perfect adventure for you.  He has the “trail time” to know the moods, intricacies and challenges that this landscape presents.


Men’s Journal – Watch a Seasoned Guide Uncover the Wonders of Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument


A Winning Approach


I am excited about hiking in nature, exploring new areas and teaching traditional outdoor skills.  My business model is to be a small family owned nature education and guide service.  As such, I focus on the quality of an experience rather than the quantity of people I guide.  

Staying outdoors, staying small and keeping it simple;

it works for me and it works for you.


An Ounce of Prevention is

Worth a Pound of Cure!


This one simple phrase is the foundation of my operation.  It is far easier to prevent an emergency than to clean up the devastation created by one.   I apply this concept in the field and I also use this at home, especially in the days of the  coronavirus pandemic.  


Hiking safety is critical anywhere, and in the desert, hiking safety has its own challenges. I have put together some information on Desert Hiking Safety for anyone that hikes in the desert, whether you hike with me or self-guide your adventure.



Connect with Jeff


Jeff Sanders, Owner, Instructor and Guide



“Come home to nature,

it welcomes you.”


Join me for an instructive exploration of the spectacular riparian canyon and desert slickrock environments of Escalante River canyon system within the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and the forest and mountain environments of Boulder Mountain within the Dixie National Forest, all of which surrounds the cozy little town of Boulder, Utah in South Central Utah.


4 Responses to Desert DAWN

  1. I and my two son’s were treated to an amazing adventure with Jeff in the Escalante wilderness. When I called Jeff about wanting something more than an excursion I never dreamed we could experience so much, learn so much or appreciate so much on a what one would think of as a simple backpacking trip. It will always be a time we will never forget. Thank you Jeff for everything you shared and for sharing yourself most of all.
    I hope we cross paths again, Marc

  2. allieands says:

    Jeff is a special soul who’s connection with the land around him is contagious. He expressed such a tangible love for the skills he shared that I will never forget my time with him. I will definitely draw on this experience for years to come, and make it a point to share another journey with him very soon!

  3. Ernst and Susan Taeger says:

    My wife and I celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary in Boulder, Utah, and were treated to two days of break-taking hiking trips during which Jeff led us to places we never imagined going to by ourselves. HIs expertise and knowledge of the area were simply amazing. Not only did we leave with a new appreciation of the beauty of the area, we left having gained a new friend. Thank you for an exceptional time with you! Until we meet again!

  4. Brian Covert says:

    Jeff and Matt guided me to a remote location with a trailhead along hole in the rock road. Jeff and Matt have outdoor IQs that are off the charts. For instance, it was fascinating watching Matt make a spindle and stick for creating a coal to start a fire out of a yucca plant stalk. The knowledge they have about what water is safe to drink, UV rays effect on water, tying lines up to keep food away from mice, proper technique for hiking on slick rock safely, and saving my tail when my filter failed was quite valuable. I had brought a phone with the usgs map and a route on it, which was, as it turned out, a poor and inefficient route. At the time, it was a comfort thing for me. Jeff pointed out, “We don’t know the source of that route.” He was right! Jeff and Matt read the land and their topo map to successfully figure out the best route in and out of our location. If you decide to go on a trip with these outdoorsmen, leave the phone at home.

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