Shelter Craft Workshop – Flat Fabric Camping

Teaching Fundamental Outdoor Skills;

Developing Outdoor Competency; and 

Building Backcountry Confidence


Flat Fabrics for

Shelter, Pack and Clothing


Wool Blanket

Wool Half Blanket


Camp Cloth

Silk Scarf


Cotton Webbing

Flat Fabric camping harkens back to the early years of recreational camping, before the years of constructed sleeping bags, packs or tents. Flat Fabric camping is a style that teaches self reliance, versatility of gear, nature awareness and thinking outside of the box.


A workshop about,

“The More You Know, the Less You Carry”


Flat Fabric Versatility


Blanket Pack

Poncho Shelter




Rain Gear

Basic and versatile gear along with skills, knowledge, the resources that nature provides and some creative thinking are the key ingredients to provide for your comfort in the backcountry using Flat Fabric Camping methods.




Rope craft is a fundamental skill of Flat Fabric Camping, which necessitates the use of a few knots to creatively turn basic gear into functional implements for camping and backpacking.


Main Topics


7 Basic Camping Knots

Blanket Pack Construction

Poncho Shelter Construction

Blanket Sleeping Cocoon

Flat Fabric Outerwear

Camp Cloth Uses

Silk Scarf Uses


Registering for a

Discovery Workshop


The Discovery Workshop can be as short as four hours or as long as eight hours.  Since each workshop is individually designed for your organization or group we will discuss the design for your particular workshop.

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