Overnight Self-Reliance Workshop


Teaching Fundamental Outdoor Skills;

Developing Outdoor Competency; and 

Building Backcountry Confidence


Overnight Self-Reliance


No one plans to stay out over night on a day hike, but could you?  Could you make it through the night with the gear in your day pack or even more challenging, with the resources that nature provides?

Fundamental knowledge and skills for any one who spends time in the backcountry.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Guides and Outdoor Educators

Or, anyone who might provide rescue services.

Wilderness First Responders

Search and Rescue Teams

Helicopter Medical Teams


The Bare Necessities


Understanding, Prioritizing and Managing

the Bare Neccessities of Life,

by using

Fundamental Outdoor Knowledge and Skills

along with the

Tools and Materials That You Carry or Find in Nature


Developing Fundamental

Knowledge and Skills


First Aid

Fire Building

Dressing for the Backcountry

Shelter Construction

Water Procurement and Treatment

Food Collection (if necessary)




Useful Tools and Materials

Carried or Found


Carried Items

The Overnight Daypack


The Overnight Daypack that we discuss, slightly adjusts the gear that most people carry in their daypack.  With these simple gear adjustments your gear is readily adaptable from day hike purposes to overnight functionality.

Found Items


Registering for an

Overnight Self-Reliance Workshop


The Overnight Self-Reliance Workshop can be as short as four hours or as long as overnight, and of course the overnight version has some practical experience.  Since each workshop is individually designed for your organization or group we will discuss the design for your particular workshop.

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