Fire Craft Workshop

Teaching Fundamental Outdoor Skills;

Developing Outdoor Competency; and 

Building Backcountry Confidence

When was the last time you sat around the campfire cooking your dinner with friends while you reveled in the magical moments of the day?  Rekindle your spirit for the fire, whether in the home hearth or in the woods hearth.  


The Dynamics of Fire

The Knowledge of Fire Craft



Heat Dynamics

Fuel Dymanics

Oxygen Dynamics

Fire – one of the few constants in human history. Fire connects us to our ancestors, intrinsically.


Safety, Use and Maintenance

The Skills of Fire Craft


Safety – FIRST

Use – Efficiently

Maintenance – Always

Fire is used for cooking, heat, socialization and companionship.  These uses create the mesh of our experiences in nature.  When, living in nature the campfire is a critical component.


Understanding Trees

and Wood



Main Topics


Fire Ecology and Ethics

Fire Triangle

Fire Lay Construction

Low Smoke Fires

Friction Fire Methods

Flint and Steel Fires

One Match Fires

Modern Fire Options

Fire Use for Cooking and Tools


Organizing Your

Fire Craft Workshop


The Fire Craft Workshop can be as short as four hours or as long as a two days. Fire Craft may also be a component of a Multi-day Backcountry Adventure. As a backcountry adventure, the workshop becomes more experiential as we use fires for cooking and if necessary warmth.

Hosting and organizing a workshop is easy.  If you are interested in a workshop for your group or organization, please visit our Hosting a Workshop page.

Since each workshop is individually designed for your organization or group, the rate for the workshop is based on various factors, which we discuss in the design process.

To start the conversation …

Here is how you can get in touch with us.

Telephone – 435.335.7710

Email – using our contact form


Come home to nature, it welcomes you!


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