To Be Brave, Take Small Steps and Be Careful

“When you want to do something brave you should take small steps and be careful.”  LS

These are the words that came out of my three year olds mind yesterday at dinner and they struck me as the wisdom one might hear from a wise old sage.  I will never know the origin of these words in her mind nor the thought process that caused them to be uttered.  They are great words of wisdom none-the-less.

She is at the age were she is being asked to be brave when she falls and hurts herself and possibly she gains her bravery a small bit at a time until she stops crying.  She also yesterday gained the confidence to go down the spiral slide by herself.  Possibly this came after a year of small steps to gain the bravery to climb the ladder at the playground and to sit at the top of the slide but not go down. After many small steps she gained the bravery to go down the spiral slide.

She is at the age, parents are told by parenting books, that fear is developing in her mind.  For nearly a year she has been talking to us about her fears.   We as parents are helping her understand her fears and face them.  Possibly through small steps in her mind she is learning to manage her fears.

These are things as adults we may have forgotten.  Nature is a place of many fears for some adults.  As we leave child hood our natural curiosity for nature may wane and we tend to not feel the need to spend much time in nature until that time that nature calls us home.  I do not mean the big “D”, I mean that urge that most people have to get back to nature and enjoy the curiosity and freedom of being out in nature with none of the responsibilities of adulthood.    This is the urge that Robert Service describes in his poem The Call of the Wild.  I suspect that all too often the call of the wild is suppressed for the simple fact that a person has too much happening in life.  Then a person who has been away from nature too long begins to loose the sense of comfort with nature and begins to gain a sense of fear of nature.

This is the point of my daughter’s wisdom in my mind.  To be brave we must sometimes take small steps.  To Come Home to Nature or anything that one has been away from for too long take small steps.

This year, heed the Call of the Wild and warm your soul.  Here is a link to The Call of the Wild by Robert Service.  Enjoy, it is a spectacular journey.

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