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To Be Brave, Take Small Steps and Be Careful

“When you want to do something brave you should take small steps and be careful.”  LS These are the words that came out of my three year olds mind yesterday at dinner and they struck me as the wisdom one … Continue reading

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You Can Never Be Lost If You Have No Place to Be and No Time to Be There

When on an adventure in nature, it is a wonderful feeling when you realize that you have  stepped out of time.  When you get to the point where you just are.  Sometimes this is called “being in the moment.” Nearly … Continue reading

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Campsite Selection Hits Home

Recently there was an article about a boulder that crashed into a home in St. George, Utah.  This struck me as an excellent example of a lesson in campsite selection. When hiking the trail and looking for a “home” for … Continue reading

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The Gift of a Child

My daughter knows that when I go to “work” I go to the mountains that are visible from our home.  She occasionally comes to visit me at my office and we go for walks or just lie around looking at … Continue reading

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In The Footsteps of Dave Rust

Through our life’s adventures, we come across a few people that make a difference in the direction we take.  The obvious people are one’s parents or the inspirational professor.  I recently added a new person to my list, Dave Rust. … Continue reading

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The “Ten Essentials” of the Wilderness Scout

The wilderness scouts and explorers in the America’s during the 1700’s and 1800’s were a different breed of camper.  The lived from their wits.  They traveled in nature for many months at a time exploring and learning the land – … Continue reading

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The Advent of Recreational Camping

Recreational camping is a relatively new pastime.  It has only been enjoyed for 150 years.  Recreational camping is to be distinguished from occupational camping or lifestyle camping.  Trappers, hunters, scouts, surveyors, explorers were all occupational campers who did so as … Continue reading

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“The American Camp Movement”

Consider this statement regarding the current state of society. If this rings a bell, consider that it was written nearly a century ago.  The Camping Ideal: The New Human Race, Henry Wellington Wack, F.R.G.S., The Redbook Magazine, Department of Eduction … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Desert DAWN Blog

Welcome to the Desert DAWN Blog.  Join us as we discuss matters relating to Classic Camping and Nature Awareness. We define Classic Camping as recreational camping methods used between the 1870’s and 1920’s.  After the American Civil War, people started to … Continue reading

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