Welcome to the Desert DAWN Blog

Welcome to the Desert DAWN Blog.  Join us as we discuss matters relating to Classic Camping and Nature Awareness. We define Classic Camping as recreational camping methods used between the 1870’s and 1920’s.  After the American Civil War, people started to take to the woods such that by the turn of the century camping had gone from an occupational activity to an avocational passion.  Camping had become a recreational pastime.

Unidentified group of men camping, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario.
Circa 1907. Photo credited to Frank William Micklethwaite.

Many of the recreational camping  methods were influenced by occupational camping methods as may have been used by explorers, soldiers, or surveyors.  These people were the product and gear testers of the day.  And for these testers, their lives truly depended on the gear they chose.  If they used an item it most likely performed well. Nature awareness was integral to the the experience of the early recreational campers.   The explorers, surveyors or soldiers, who influenced recreational camping, lived with little gear and they relied quite heavily their knowledge of nature.  Their nature awareness was quite keen.  When you are aware of the gifts of nature, nature is no longer a place that is wild and feared but is place that comfortable and home.  Nature awareness is also an integral part of Classic Camping.  The studying of nature becomes a reason for camping and living comfortably in nature is a reason for studying nature.  These two go hand in hand.

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