“The American Camp Movement”

Consider this statement regarding the current state of society.

If this rings a bell, consider that it was written nearly a century ago.  The Camping Ideal: The New Human Race, Henry Wellington Wack, F.R.G.S., The Redbook Magazine, Department of Eduction 1924.

As humanity progresses forward, human nature does not change – what changes is the devices we have available to address human nature.  We do have choices about which devices we use.  When choosing a device, the one that helps us reach our goals effectively is often the best choice.  When the goal is reconnecting with our roots in nature then simplicity of technology is the most effective.  Simplicity of technology in this case is often found in the technologies based in renewable resources.

Life in nature takes advantage of renewable resources and abundance or scarcity of these resources in the local creates the checks and balances for nature.   The Human Race may be only years or possibly eons away from being forced to return to the Way of Nature – living only from local resources that determine population balances.   As individuals, however, we can choose to live closer to the Way of Nature by using lower technologies and using resources as close to home as possible.  Live Simply, Live Locally.

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